I have always found game reviews and new articles serving their purpose in the usual corporate game sites. The sites and magazines or television outfits that have access to latest and fresh video game stuff, whether they get it straight from publishers, developers or even other news sources, are great in their own respects. The Pixel Beat, a name which assumes that I am the on the gaming pulse, which I am not, strives for entertaining articles about all facets of gaming, whether in the past, present or even future. Big name games, indie games or just weird games where I don’t know what I’m doing, I plan to just write about all of them, because I love video game so.

If you’re looking for the hottest news and reviews…sorry. I wish I had the means to constantly be up to date, or that my measly, however correct, opinion mattered to everyone.  I am going to strive for worth-while, funny and sometimes informative articles for the people, by the people. Wish me luck…


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