Façade. People’s Problems Are Hilarious

Oh...you kidder, you!

I recently came across a Let’s Play from user YouTube kazztawdal. He was playing a “game” I had never heard of, but intrigued me quite a bit as he explained it in his first video. Apparently it is a “artificial-intelligence-based interactive story” where you are a friend who is visiting  your favorite dysfunctional couple, with some super duper clever dichotomous names, Trip and Grace. GET IT!? Kazz, tries his damnedest to get these two to work out their problems with valiant effort, and while I won’t spoil it, his adventure does result in some fantastic situations.

The characters seem to react in a range from appropriate to making no sense. They jump to conclusions and sometimes completely ignore the player. From the quality of the game itself, to the phrases he tries in conversation, it becomes a beautiful work of art. Kazz’s third attempt with prior knowledge of the couples hidden secrets is one for the hilarity-history-books.

There are nine short episodes.

Watch the first video here.